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As of January 2017 we’re proud to say we are now a 100% vegan business, and as of January 2018 100% Palm Oil Free. I’ve worked very hard to ensure products haven’t changed in terms of quality and flavour  (if you’ve seen me at a market in the last year you may have eaten a vegan brownie without knowing it!), but the ethics around them will have, which makes for a happy baker, happy planet and hopefully very happy customers! Big chocolatey kisses, Gemma xxx

Dark Matters was born from my quest for the Perfect Brownie. As well as being a long-time brownie aficionado, I’m also a baker, and know that many shop bought, mass produced brownies are super high in sugar (containing very little, or no, actual chocolate), which only gives you a sugar-buzz, instead of a chocolate-fix, and can leave you feeling pretty darn cheated.

I’ve developed all our gorgeous gourmet brownies so the Number One ingredient is lots of awesome chocolate, rather than tonnes of sugar. The chocolate we use is the dark stuff, with at least 72% cocoa content, which we compliment with brown muscovado sugar and a handful of other ingredients that go on to create our jaw-droppingly awesome brownies, and give you lot the Brownie Fix you’ve been longing for!

Experience a better brownie…visit our Shop or Find Us around the South West 🙂

Gemma x