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Somerset double bill: Bath Vegan Festival & The Frome Independent

Stacks of Vegan Dark Matters Brownies on a Market Stall

Somerset is getting a double whammy of Dark Matters vegan brownies next weekend. We’re bringing our chocolatey wares to not one but two bustling markets! Saturday 6th November 20201 you can find us at Bath Vegan Festival, followed by a Sunday slinging brownies at The Frome Independent market.

Starting off in Bath on Saturday 6th, we’ll be bringing all of our best vegan brownies to Bath Vegan Festival. Find us in the Bath Pavillion from 10.30am-4.30pm. Sunday 7th November 2021 sees us setting up shop in our usual spot at The Frome Independent from 10am-3pm.

Get down early and you might be able to bag yourself some of our brand new flavours!

We’ll have plenty of autumn/winter vibes going on with our Winter Fire Brookie. A deliciously indulgent brownie stuffed full of just about as much ginger as it can handle, sat nicely on a ginger cookie base.

As always, our Pumpkin King will be reigning supreme. Starting off with a delicious autumn spiced dark chocolate base and a delicious creamy swirl of fresh spiced pumpkin creme.

If you can’t get enough autumn spice this time of year (or any time of year tbh) we’ve blended a batch of our Luxury Hot Chocolate to give you an extra level of autumnal warmth.

There will be SO many more flavours for you to choose from too, including salted caramel, peanut butter, raspberry and more!

Bring your own bag/box to take your vegan chocolate brownies away in, and we’ll knock 50p off your total for being a sustainability hero!

Shop Online

If you’re not sauntering around Somerset markets next weekend but you still want your dark chocolate brownie fix, you can shop online for vegan brownie delivery straight to your door.

You can also follow us on social media for the latest updates and general brownie bumpf:


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Get yer banging vegan brownies in Burnham-on-Sea

Two Dark Matters Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Brownies Next To Two Pumpkins

We’re bringing our banging vegan brownies to Burnham-on-Sea for our next market with eat:Festivals.

On Saturday 23rd October you can find us nestled in the centre of Burnham-on-Sea where eat:Festivals is taking over the town with tonnes of amazing food stalls.

All our brownies are vegan, palm oil free, and totally delish. We even offer gluten free options, so even more people can get stuck in.

Have you got any favourite flavours you’d like to see on the market stall? Let us know what you think the best Dark Matters brownies are and we’ll see what we can do!

We like to do what we can to stay as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. That’s why all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and you won’t find any plastic in our packaging. We also offer 50p off your total if you bring your own box or bag to any market or event.

It’ll be just a few days before Halloween, so you can guarantee we’ll be piling our Pumpkin King spiced pumpkin brownies as high as we can. Make sure you get down there early mind. We bake and bake to make sure we’ve got enough brownies for everyone, but we do tend to sell out pretty quickly!

Pumpkin brownies

Speaking of pumpkins…

Have you seen our October Special Edition Bundles? You won’t find these on the market stall – this is an online exclusive for fans of pumpkins, brownies, horror, Halloween – any or all of the above!

? Hail the Pumpkin King!

? Based on the Novel by Stephen King…

Pumpkin King or Stephen King – which will you choose?

Order online

Can’t make it to Burnham-on-Sea to visit our market and buy a brownie (or 6)? Check out our online shop! Order vegan brownies online day or night and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

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Vegan Brownies: Based on the Novel by Stephen King…

Two Dark Matters Vegan Brownies In Front Of Stephen King Books

Happy Halloween, Constant Readers

Looking for something extra eerie this Halloween? Heeeeeeeeeere’s… Dark Matters’ October Special Stephen King Brownie Box!

Pre-order for The Losers Club who wanted to secure their Stephen King Special Edition vegan brownie box sold out mega quick – you guys (Castle) Rock.

So we’re doing a Revival and bringing the box back in a Blaze of brownie glory for those of you Needful Things who were unable to order and left in Misery.

Before we Carrie on any further, here’s The Shining list of treats you can find in your Stephen King Special Edition Box. It ain’t no Bag of Bones

BOX INCLUDES: [with reference points for the uninitiated]

? 2x Brownies:
– ‘Horror is…a Peanut Butter Cup?’ – Choc Chip Brownie with (M-O-O-N that spells) Peanut Butter & Jelly Swirls [The Stand/Cujo/Hearts In Atlantis/Billy Summers (King writes about PB&J a LOT) plus quote from ’99 King interview on Conan O’Brien….yes I am a painful nerd]
– ‘Meteor Sh?t’ – Blueberry Jam and Green Vanilla Cheesecake Swirl, with Cookie Dough Pieces [SK’s Creepshow / King’s Fave Food is Blueberry Cheesecake]

?️ 1x Brookie:
– ‘Your Hair Is Winter Fire’ – Ginger Cookie Base, Autumn Spice Brownie with Ginger Conserve Swirl [IT]

? 5x Brownie Truffle Balls:
– ‘Flying Coke Machine’ – Cola & Caramel [The Tommyknockers]
– ‘Duma Key (Lime)’ – Lime & Tequila [Duma Key]
– ‘Redrum’ – Spiced Rum & Red Berry [The Shining]
– ‘Tom Cullen’s Tom Collins’ – Gin, Triple Sec & Lemon [The Stand]
– (Root Beer) ‘You’ll Float Too’ – Root Beer & Vanilla [IT]

? ‘Autumn In Maine’ Bespoke Ghost Family Flame Wax Melt
An eerie autumnal amble through the Maine Mist; crisp leaves, campfires, saltwater and sea mist…

? 2x Special SK Nerd Extras: Stephen King Inspired Postcard & Bookmark
Lucky dip surprise but includes The Shining, IT, Carrie, Misery and Pet Semetary
If you’d like a personalised message written on the Postcard let us know in the comments box at checkout! ⚰️

Everything is 100% vegan, always!

Click here to order your vegan brownie box: Based on the Novel by Stephen King…

The Dark Tower of October special vegan brownie gift boxes is extremely limited – make sure you order sooner rather than Later so you’re not left in Desperation. We’re taking a Stand: once this batch is sold out, that’s It.

There’s no need to take The Long Walk to our markets – this is an online exclusive. Order from our website day or night. Perfect for Sleeping Beauties and Insomnia sufferers alike.

These indulgent vegan brownies may not make you Thinner, but they will definitely transport you to Joyland.

So let’s play Gemma’s Game (Gerald’s Game? Get it? Getting tenuous, I know…) and get this Stephen King inspired Creepshow on the Road(work)!

Dispatching 26th – 28th October 2021

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Next stop: eat:Festivals, Teignmouth edition

Eat Festivals Logo

Teignmouth – you are the next stop on our magical, mystical brownie tour, and we can’t wait to see you! You can get yer Dark Matters vegan brownies fix at eat:Festivals on Saturday 16th October 2021.

The event takes place in The Triangle, Waterloo Street & Triangle Park, and we’ll be loading up the stall with an array of gooey, fudgy, chocolatey (and all the other scrummy words you can think of) brownies. 

Pumpkin Spiced Season

We’re fully autumnalised now, and so we’re expecting it to be a big one for our Pumpkin King brownie. We’ll do our best to pile the pumpkin spiced brownies high, but make sure you get down there early to avoid missing out.

However, we know pumpkin spiced brownies aren’t just for October – they’re available to buy online all year round. So anyone and everyone can get stuck in!

What’s your favourite flavour?

Are there any of our flavours you’d like to see lining the stall? Check out our online shop and let us know in the comments what tickles your fancy.

Eat:Teignmouth is a free festival. No tickets, no booking fees, just rock up and EAT. There are so many great, local traders and producers, and there’s always a strong vegan presence which we love to see.

It’s also an event that encourages eco ethics and sustainability – not that we need any encouragement! All of our products are 100% vegan, 100% palm oil free and 100% delicious. All of our packaging is biodegradable, and we encourage market customers to bring their own bag/box – we’ll knock 50p off your total if you do.

So we’ll see you soon Devon! And everyone else, if you can’t wait to see us in person you can buy Dark Matters vegan brownies online day or night, and we’ll get your vegan brownie boxed up and delivered straight to your door.

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Bournemouth Vegan Festival: It’s brownie time

Overhead Shot of Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Brownies and Double Choc Cacao Brownies with Figs

Bournemouth Vegan Festival

Bournemouth – we’re coming for ya! Gemma will be setting up shop at The Citygate Centre in the heart of the town on Saturday 9th October 2021.

She’ll be piling the brownies high so all you lovely shoppers are in for a treat if you’re looking for something vegan, chocolatey and totally decadent.

Are you a salted caramel fan? Maybe you want to mix things up with a Brookie. Do you want to get fruity or nutty? Maybe you’re a purist looking for something deep and rich. Whatever you fancy, you can be sure she’ll have the best vegan brownie for you.

And we’ll be in good company! With more than 60 stalls showcasing a huge range of vegan delights. Not only will there be a whole market full of amazing vegan traders, there will also be cookery demos, talks, interactive workshops, yoga and children’s activities. It’s gonna be a big day.

It all kicks off at 10.30am and things will be closing down at 4.30pm. As always, make sure you get down early because our brownies tend to fly off the shelf pretty quickly. As always, bring your own bag/box for 50p off your total.

Entry is £4 payable per day on the door (under 16’s free) or £15 for VIP tickets in advance from Eventbrite. VIPs get a goody bag full of vegan products, samples, discounts and offers, plus fast track entry to beat the queues.

So pop it in the diary – Saturday 9th October, Bournemouth. It’s brownie time. 

Shop online

Don’t worry if you’re not a Bournemouth local, you can check out this blog post to see if we’re coming to a market near you any time soon. Even if we’re not, you can buy our banging vegan brownies any time, any place, from our online shop for delivery throughout the UK.

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Dark chocolate matters: Why bake with 70% Fairtrade dark chocolate?

Chopped Dark Chocolate

Becoming a vegan brownie business in 2016 came with its challenges. One of the biggest being how the heck we were going to replicate a product people already know and love without using any animal products. The answer was already right in front of us: more dark chocolate.

From the start, Gemma always wanted the focus of Dark Matters brownies to be on great quality chocolate. At the beginning of her chocolatey career she worked alongside, and learned from a skilful chocolatier who herself had trained with Paul A Young. This gave Gemma a deep and intense appreciation for chocolate as a complex and fascinating product.

What’s best for brownies: chocolate or cocoa powder?

For the best rich, fudgy, vegan Dark Matters brownies, the answer is absolutely dark chocolate.

Most brownie recipes are high in sugar, flour and cocoa powder. That’s why they demand a lot of fatty, wet, animal based ingredients like butter and eggs (and sometimes randomly gelatin?! Blurgh.) This is NOT the Dark Matters way.

When we became a vegan business, taking out these ingredients wasn’t a huge dilemma as chocolate binds dry ingredients, instead of resorting to butter and eggs. So our fudgy brownie dreams continued to live another day!

Why 70% Fairtrade dark chocolate?

When Dark Matters brownies began in 2012, Gemma knew it would need to have chocolate at its heart. From working in the industry, she knew dark chocolate wasn’t as accepted as milk chocolate, with milk outselling dark 10/1. However, knowing that the rich complexities of chocolate could help her create the ultimate brownie, that didn’t put her off.

Gemma wanted to not only bring banging brownies to the masses, but to also open up the idea of using higher percentage, and better quality chocolate in the process.

After a LOT of research to find the best chocolate for the ultimate vegan brownies, Gemma chose a certified Organic and Fairtrade 70% chocolate couverture to use. This is the same high quality chocolate used in premium chocolate making.

That’s why 70% chocolate is either the first, or one of the first two ingredients in all of our brownie recipes, bar none.

Can dark chocolate be sweet?

With Gemma’s dedicated baking skills, she has been able to vary her brownie offerings. So our Purist is the darkest tasting – more like a dark truffle flavour and texture. Whereas the Salted Caramel and Brookies contain extra sweetness from the additions of caramels and cookie dough.

So despite Dark Matters making it sound like our products are only for chocolate aficionados, we really do have something for everyone… unless you hate chocolate.

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Vegan Brownies on Tour: Watford Vegan Festival & The Frome Independent

Vegan Events and Frome Independent Market Logos

Watford Vegan Festival

We’re hitting the road on Saturday 2nd October 2021 for the Watford Vegan Festival and we’re taking a whole van load of vegan brownies with us!

We’re going to be nestled in amongst 80 other fantastic plant based traders in the Bushey Academy, slinging our rich and fudgy brownie wares.

Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies - Market Stall
Dark Matters – Vegan Brownies – Market Stall

You know you’re getting the good stuff with Dark Matters because all of our brownies are made with 70% Faritrade dark chocolate. As we can all agree – the more chocolate the better! 

We are super proud to be 100% vegan, 100% palm oil free and 100% delicious.

Our packaging is always eco friendly, but what’s more sustainable than no packaging? For this reason, at all of our markets we’ll knock 50p off your total if you bring your own bag or box for your brownies.

As well as indulgent vegan brownies from Dark Matters, there will be a load of other scrummy delights to devour. Plus cookery demos, talks, workshops, yoga and kid’s activities. 

Watford Vegan Festival kicks off at 10.30am and we’ll be there until 4.30pm, or until the brownies run out – whichever comes first. So make sure you get down early to bag yourself a treat.

Entry is £4 payable per day on the door and under 16s go free. You can also get £15 VIP tickets in advance from eventbrite to get fast track entry and a goody bag full of vegan goodies.

The Frome Independent

Then, on Sunday 3rd October 2021, we’re heading back to The Frome Independent!

We’re getting back into the swing of things now with all our markets, and can now happily look forward to the first Sunday of every month between March and December, because that’s Frome Independent day!

If you’ve never been to the Frome Independent, you can expect to find the whole town centre lined with stalls from amazingly talented local artists, flea traders and food producers.

‘More than a market’ is their tagline – and it’s true! There’s also live music, DJs, workshops and plenty of other entertainment on offer.

And you can enjoy it all while feasting on your favourite Dark Matters vegan brownie!

Order Vegan Brownies Online

As always, if you can’t make it to our markets, or if you just can’t wait, you can order your vegan brownies from our online shop for delivery throughout the UK.

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Where to buy the best vegan brownies? Right here…

Close Up Selection of Dark Matters Vegan Brownies

Upcoming Events & Markets

We do love a good market – it’s where Dark Matters began. Face-to-face, chatting chocolate on the stall with all of you gorgeous customers, traders and event organisers. So we’re happy to say our diary is crammed full with the best markets and events over the next few months. If you’d like to come and say hey, grab a gift or treat yourself to a fudgy vegan brownie or three, here’s where you can find us over the next few weeks…

Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies - Events & Markets

Saturday 25th September – eat:Weston-super-Mare
The Italian Gardens, Weston-super-Mare

Sunday 26th September – eat:Tiverton
Tiverton town centre

Saturday 2nd October – Watford Vegan Festival
The Grange Academy, Watford

Sunday 3rd October – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Saturday 9th October – Bournemouth Vegan Festival
Citygate Events Ltd, Bournemouth

Saturday 16th October – eat:Teignmouth
The Triangles, Teignmouth

Saturday 23rd October – eat:Burnham-on-Sea
Burnham-on-Sea town centre

Saturday 6th November – Bath Vegan Festival
Bath Pavilion, Bath

Sunday 7th November – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Sunday 14th November – Great Yorkshire Vegan Market
Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds

Sunday 21st November – Newbury Vegan Market
Market Place, Newbury

Saturday 27th November – eat:Taunton
Hammet Street & East Street, Taunton

Saturday 4th December – eat:Nailsea
Nailsea town centre

Sunday 5th December – Gloucester Vegan Christmas Market
Gloucester Blackfriars, Gloucester

Sunday 5th December – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Saturday 11th December – eat:Yeovil
Yeovil town centre

Sunday 12th December – eat:Weston-super-Mare
Winter Gardens, Weston-super-Mare

We’re adding events all the time, so keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for market announcements – plus the odd special offer, and plenty of drool-worthy brownie pics that your timeline is definitely craving.

Order Online

And, of course, we can always deliver your vegan brownie fix if you place an order for brownies by post in our online shop!

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Eat:Festivals Double Bill: Weston-super-Mare & Tiverton

Eat Festivals Logo

Eat:Festivals Double Bill: Weston-super-Mare & Tiverton

We’re busting out all your favourite vegan brownies across this eat:Festivals double bill weekend. Starting off in Weston-super-Mare on Saturday 25th September 2021, then on to Tiverton on Sunday 26th. Pop to your local market and snap up a treat!

The festival caters for all dietary choices so there’s always a big selection of plant based goodies on offer at every eat:Festivals event.

Just make sure you save room for dessert as we’ll have the vegan brownie stall piled high for all you chocolate fiends out there.

Coffee, caramel & pecan? Oh yeah. Raspberry double choc? You betcha. Salted caramel swirl? Of course!

Our delicious gourmet brownies are all packed full of 70% Faritrade dark chocolate. That’s what makes them different – they’re darker, denser and more decadent than your average brownie.

Not only that, all our brownies are 100% free from palm oil, 100% vegan and 100% delicious. It’s a win-win-win.

Saturday morning, 10am sharp, we’ll be setting up shop in the Italian Gardens of WSM. Right in the heart of Weston just a stone’s throw from the Grand Pier. Then Sunday it’s Down to Tiverton to bring our banging brownies down to the Devon crowd.

Get down there early (and hungry) as there are plenty of gorgeous foodie stalls on offer at each market, with over 90 stalls slinging their wares. The markets run until 4pm, but once the brownies are gone, they’re gone!

Vegan Brownie Delivery

If you can’t wait until then, head over to our online shop and bag yourself some brownies. You can place your order 24/7 and we’ll get a package of delicious, fudgy brownies delivered right to your door.

All our brownies are baked using top quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Hand baked in small batches each order is finished with beautiful and sustainable packaging.

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Special Delivery: Vegan Brownies by Post

Pile of Vegan Dark Matters Brownies in Front of Delivery Box

Vegan Brownies by Post

Can’t wait until our next market to get your vegan brownie fix? Order online to get your brownie delivery shipped straight to your door.

We’ve got a whole online store filled with plant based, fudgy brownies – all baked in small batches for the best, freshest brownies by post.

Vegan Brownies – Fantastic Flavours

Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer, check out our online shop for more tantalising treats!

Pumpkin King [Spiced Pumpkin Swirl] (GF&WF)

Pumpkin King - Spiced Pumpkin Swirl - Vegan Brownies
Pumpkin King – Spiced Pumpkin Swirl – Vegan Brownies

Think autumnal thoughts with a generous helping of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice. All topped off with a swirl of Spiced Pumpkin Creme and a sprinkling of gold dust.

Lady Marmalade [Choc Orange]

Lady Marmalade - Chocolate Orange - Vegan Brownies
Lady Marmalade – Chocolate Orange – Vegan Brownies

Chocolate and orange – I don’t think we’ve got to convince you this is a perfect match. We’ve chucked in a generous helping of marmalade and candied peel to kick this brownie up a notch.

Oh Canada! [Maple, Hazelnut & Pecan] (GF&WF)

Oh Canada! - Maple, Hazelnut & Pecan - Vegan Brownies
Oh Canada! – Maple, Hazelnut & Pecan – Vegan Brownies

Made with nuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips and our own vegan Maple Caramel – how can you resist? Made with Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour so everyone can enjoy!

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Maybe you’re looking for wedding present ideas for your vegan pals, or a birthday gift box for an eco conscious buddy – maybe you just want your own vegan chocolate fix. We’ve got you covered!

Dark Matters brownies are made with the finest 70% Fairtrade dark chocolate, which gives them a deep, rich, indulgent quality that we believe is unrivalled. 

Not only that, but we are proudly palm oil free, using only ethically sourced ingredients to make the best brownies that we can.

All of our packaging is sustainable and plastic-free. We’re proud to do our bit for the environment, while also ensuring that your brownies taste totally delicious! 

So check out our online shop for a bit of inspiration, fill up your basket and we’ll get baking! We deliver our delectable brownies anywhere in the UK.