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How long do vegan brownies last?

Overhead Shot of Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Brownies and Double Choc Cacao Brownies with Figs

If you’ve bought your Dark Matters vegan brownies you might be wondering how long they will keep. Firstly, let us applaud your self control. Personally, I get a brownie and it lasts minutes. But maybe you’ve bought a bigger box, or maybe you’re buying for an occasion and want to make sure they’ll last.

We bake all of our brownies fresh. If you’re buying from a market they will have been baked 1-2 days beforehand. We bake all of our website orders as we process them. We don’t have shelves full of brownies sitting around going stale waiting to be picked, packed and delivered. So when your brownie arrives, it’s as fresh and fudgy as it can possibly be!

Vegan brownies shelf life

If you place an order online, we’ll bake your brownies fresh and send them via DHL courier. Once dispatched they’ll arrive within one to two days, and will then keep for five to seven days, depending on how they are stored.

If you’re buying your brownies at our markets, this is also the case. Your brownies will have a five to seven day shelf life depending on the conditions they’re kept in.

How do I store my vegan brownies?

You can extend the shelf life of your brownies by keeping them in an airtight container in the fridge.

Extend the shelf life even further by popping them in the freezer! All of our brownies are freezer friendly, so you can keep a steady supply on ice.

How long do vegan brownies keep in the freezer?

Maybe this is just me, but if you keep your brownies in the freezer it’s pretty likely that you’ll eat them way before they have a chance to go off. You can keep your brownies in the freezer for up to three months, but the longer they’re in there, the more risk there is for them to lose a bit of flavour. After this they’re defo still safe to eat, but give them a zap in the microwave and douse in custard or ice cream to make the most of them.

Contact us

If you’re ordering online for a special occasion or a specific date a little while away – feel free to get in touch! We can discuss dates with you to ensure your brownies are arriving as fresh as possible.

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