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Next stop: eat:Festivals, Teignmouth edition

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Teignmouth – you are the next stop on our magical, mystical brownie tour, and we can’t wait to see you! You can get yer Dark Matters vegan brownies fix at eat:Festivals on Saturday 16th October 2021.

The event takes place in The Triangle, Waterloo Street & Triangle Park, and we’ll be loading up the stall with an array of gooey, fudgy, chocolatey (and all the other scrummy words you can think of) brownies. 

Pumpkin Spiced Season

We’re fully autumnalised now, and so we’re expecting it to be a big one for our Pumpkin King brownie. We’ll do our best to pile the pumpkin spiced brownies high, but make sure you get down there early to avoid missing out.

However, we know pumpkin spiced brownies aren’t just for October – they’re available to buy online all year round. So anyone and everyone can get stuck in!

What’s your favourite flavour?

Are there any of our flavours you’d like to see lining the stall? Check out our online shop and let us know in the comments what tickles your fancy.

Eat:Teignmouth is a free festival. No tickets, no booking fees, just rock up and EAT. There are so many great, local traders and producers, and there’s always a strong vegan presence which we love to see.

It’s also an event that encourages eco ethics and sustainability – not that we need any encouragement! All of our products are 100% vegan, 100% palm oil free and 100% delicious. All of our packaging is biodegradable, and we encourage market customers to bring their own bag/box – we’ll knock 50p off your total if you do.

So we’ll see you soon Devon! And everyone else, if you can’t wait to see us in person you can buy Dark Matters vegan brownies online day or night, and we’ll get your vegan brownie boxed up and delivered straight to your door.

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