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Sod January, eat brownies. Vegan brownies by post!

Dark Matters Vegan Brownie Gift Box

Use the discount code VEGANUARY20 for 20% off in our online shop for the rest of Veganuary 2022! Just a little Veganuary motivation for you…

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Vegan brownies by post

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve sort of came and went in a weird, semi-locked down kinda way. Maybe you celebrated, maybe you stayed home hiding away from it all. Either way, I’m guessing we could all use a little pick me up right now. Here it is: it’s Veganuary, and the perfect excuse to order vegan brownies by post

Our little bakery (Gemma) is taking a well deserved break after the madness that was Christmas / 2021 / 2020 / life. But she’s preparing the mixer, firing up the oven and getting ready to bake the best vegan brownies in Bristol / the UK / the WORLD.

Order online now

We will be processing orders from 19th January 2022 when we return from a well earned break. However, you can get your orders in now. You can order online for delivery and get to the head of the queue – just take a mooch round our online shop by clicking here.

Vegan brownie delivery doesn’t get much better than this. Check out our Baker’s Choice selection box. ‘Baker’s Choice’ means best sellers! We’ve put together a delicious brownie selection box with our decadent dark delights, certain to woo any recipient.

Vegan gifts under £10

If you’re brownie shopping on a budget this time of year we’ve got some goodies for you. We’ve got lots of yummy goodies for less than £10 so you can still get your choccy fix.

Truffle Balls – Salted Caramel or Raspberry.

We take your fave salted caramel or raspberry brownie, add a bunch more delicious flavour in either raspberry or caramel form. Then we dip it in perfectly tempered chocolate, to give it an irresistible chocolate snap when you bite into it. Et voila! Chunky bites of brownie ball goodness. You can order a bag of five for just £6.

If we’re going to indulge, let’s go all the way here. Why not wash it all down with a rich, dark mug of luxury vegan hot chocolate and marshmallows? A 250g bag is just £7 and comes with a generous helping of Dandies vegan marshmallows.

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