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Where to buy the best vegan brownies? Right here…

Where to buy the best vegan brownies? Right here...

Upcoming Events & Markets

We do love a good market – it’s where Dark Matters began. Face-to-face, chatting chocolate on the stall with all of you gorgeous customers, traders and event organisers. So we’re happy to say our diary is crammed full with the best markets and events over the next few months. If you’d like to come and say hey, grab a gift or treat yourself to a fudgy vegan brownie or three, here’s where you can find us over the next few weeks…

Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies - Events & Markets

Saturday 25th September – eat:Weston-super-Mare
The Italian Gardens, Weston-super-Mare

Sunday 26th September – eat:Tiverton
Tiverton town centre

Saturday 2nd October – Watford Vegan Festival
The Grange Academy, Watford

Sunday 3rd October – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Saturday 9th October – Bournemouth Vegan Festival
Citygate Events Ltd, Bournemouth

Saturday 16th October – eat:Teignmouth
The Triangles, Teignmouth

Saturday 23rd October – eat:Burnham-on-Sea
Burnham-on-Sea town centre

Saturday 6th November – Bath Vegan Festival
Bath Pavilion, Bath

Sunday 7th November – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Sunday 14th November – Great Yorkshire Vegan Market
Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds

Sunday 21st November – Newbury Vegan Market
Market Place, Newbury

Saturday 27th November – eat:Taunton
Hammet Street & East Street, Taunton

Saturday 4th December – eat:Nailsea
Nailsea town centre

Sunday 5th December – Gloucester Vegan Christmas Market
Gloucester Blackfriars, Gloucester

Sunday 5th December – The Frome Independent
Frome town centre

Saturday 11th December – eat:Yeovil
Yeovil town centre

Sunday 12th December – eat:Weston-super-Mare
Winter Gardens, Weston-super-Mare

We’re adding events all the time, so keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for market announcements – plus the odd special offer, and plenty of drool-worthy brownie pics that your timeline is definitely craving.

Order Online

And, of course, we can always deliver your vegan brownie fix if you place an order for brownies by post in our online shop!

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Eat:Festivals Double Bill: Weston-super-Mare & Tiverton

Eat Festivals - Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies

Eat:Festivals Double Bill: Weston-super-Mare & Tiverton

We’re busting out all your favourite vegan brownies across this eat:Festivals double bill weekend. Starting off in Weston-super-Mare on Saturday 25th September 2021, then on to Tiverton on Sunday 26th. Pop to your local market and snap up a treat!

The festival caters for all dietary choices so there’s always a big selection of plant based goodies on offer at every eat:Festivals event.

Just make sure you save room for dessert as we’ll have the vegan brownie stall piled high for all you chocolate fiends out there.

Coffee, caramel & pecan? Oh yeah. Raspberry double choc? You betcha. Salted caramel swirl? Of course!

Our delicious gourmet brownies are all packed full of 70% Faritrade dark chocolate. That’s what makes them different – they’re darker, denser and more decadent than your average brownie.

Not only that, all our brownies are 100% free from palm oil, 100% vegan and 100% delicious. It’s a win-win-win.

Saturday morning, 10am sharp, we’ll be setting up shop in the Italian Gardens of WSM. Right in the heart of Weston just a stone’s throw from the Grand Pier. Then Sunday it’s Down to Tiverton to bring our banging brownies down to the Devon crowd.

Get down there early (and hungry) as there are plenty of gorgeous foodie stalls on offer at each market, with over 90 stalls slinging their wares. The markets run until 4pm, but once the brownies are gone, they’re gone!

Vegan Brownie Delivery

If you can’t wait until then, head over to our online shop and bag yourself some brownies. You can place your order 24/7 and we’ll get a package of delicious, fudgy brownies delivered right to your door.

All our brownies are baked using top quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Hand baked in small batches each order is finished with beautiful and sustainable packaging.

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Vegan Markets Double Whammy: Plymouth & Tewkesbury

Dark Matters Vegan Brownies - Plymouth Vegan Festival & Tewkesbury Vegan Fair

Plymouth Vegan Festival & Tewkesbury Vegan Fair

We love taking part in vegan events – it’s the main thing that runs right through our business. All of our products are 100% vegan friendly, 100% zero palm on and 100% delicious. At vegan events we get to schmooze with lots of like minded people, and we absolutely love bringing them a hefty chunk of fudgy brownie to their day!

So it’s no surprise that we’re super hyped for a weekend FULL of vegan events, starting off in Devon.

Dark Matters @ Plymouth Vegan Festival

We’re heading even more south and even more west for Plymouth Vegan Festival, and we can’t ruddy wait.

Taking place at Plymouth Guildhall on Saturday 11th September, the venue will be stuffed chockablock with vegan traders. More than 40 stalls will line the hall, with doors opening at 10.30am until shut down at 4.30pm.

Standard tickets are just £4, and once you’re in you’ll be surrounded by a butt load of vegan companies flogging their wares. Come on down and get your vegan jewellery, clothes, cheese, skincare – and, of course, BROWNIES.

Dark Matters @ Tewkesbury Vegan Fair

Then on Sunday 12th September, we’re whizzing back up the M5 all the way to Tewkesbury for Tewkesbury Vegan Fair!  

Tickets are just £2 – bargain! We’ll be flogging our wares (mainly brownies tbh) in Watson Hall from 11am to 4pm. 

There’ll be vegan jewellery, clothes, cheese, skincare – and, of course, BROWNIES.

As always, bring along a container for your brownies to any of our markets and we’ll knock 50p off your total. All of our packaging is sustainable, but you know what’s more sustainable? BYOB (bring your own box/bag).

If you can’t wait that long, don’t worry – we got you. Check out our online shop where you can order brownies 24/7 and we’ll get them shipped right to your door.

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Vegan Brownies incoming at eat:Wellington and Frome Independent Market

Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies - Eat Wellington - Frome Independent Market

We are hitting the South West big time next weekend, baking a big ol’ batch of vegan brownies for a double whammy of events. Find us at eat:Wellington on Saturday 4th September, and Frome Independent Market on Sunday 5th. If you can’t make it to the markets – fear not! Place your order in our online shop for delivery all over the UK.

We’ll have Brookies, vegan marshmallows, salted caramel, peanuts, coffee, pecans and so much more, all baked into decadent vegan brownies using 70% Fairtrade dark chocolate and absolutely zero palm oil.

BYOB – bring your own box/bag! As always, we’ll give you 50p off your total if you bring your own container for your brownies. If you don’t have a bag or box, it’s all good – we’re proud to say that all of our packaging is plastic free.

We’re setting up shop from 10am on Saturday 4th for eat:Wellington. If you’ve been before, you’ll see that there’s a slightly different layout this time, making adjustments for social distancing. But we shouldn’t be too hard to find – hopefully your brownie senses will be tingling.

Wellington Fun Fact: The Iron Duke pub in Wellington is home to Gemma’s favourite pub toilet. “It’s the best toilet that I’ve ever been in in my life”, said the brownie queen – and you could tell she really meant it.

Although we don’t condone spending money in a Weatherspoons, we do suggest popping in to spend a penny. Every time Gemma’s in town she makes a special trip to the toilet that won Loo of the Year!

Then we’re off to FROME.

It’s finally happening – Frome Independent Market is back for its first big event since March 2020.

There’s been a big Frome shaped hole in our diary for the past year and a half. We did manage to get a little Frome fix when we traded at the night market not so long ago, but now it’s time for the main event!

We’ve been trading at Frome since the very early days of Dark Matters, and we’ve loved each and every market – only ever missing out on one event since we started. We love supporting other local, independent businesses, and this really is the best place to do just that.

There are way too many amazing little businesses trading in Frome to be able to mention them all, but we’re really looking forward to seeing Wolfe Academy sustainable clothing, Dakota Rae Dust jewellery, and as always lunch will be provided by Jacob’s Finest Vegan Falafel.

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Event Preview: Victorious Festival 2021 – Portsmouth

Victorious Festival 2021 - Dark Matters - Vegan Brownies

The letters are up and we cannot wait to get back to Victorious Festival. After a year out thanks to the pandemic that shall not be named, we’re bringing the vegan brownies back to Portsmouth and setting up shop on Southsea Common over the bank holiday weekend – 28/29 August 2021.

Gemma will be around our usual spot on Market Way on the way from the Main Stage to the real ale bar. As always, if you bring your own bag/box we will give you 50p off your total.

There will be an array of gorgeous, gooey brownies (100% vegan and free from palm oil – naturally) including Brookie (brownie/cookie hybrid), Salty Dog (salted caramel swirl) plus one of our brand NEW flavours: CHUNK – triple chocolate fudge. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more fudgy. That’s really the tip of the iceberg – there will be so many more flavours on offer.

Although Gemma will be flying solo, so won’t get much time to see many bands, you can guarantee she will be running away to watch Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs at the first opportunity. Click here to check out the full line up.

As well as music there’s the Kid’s Arena, market stalls, comedy and literacy stages and even a bloomin’ circus for crying out loud.

Day tickets are between £40 and £50 per adult, or £135 for the weekend – much less for littles! Head to their website for the most up to date info on prices and availability. If you’re travelling form further afar there is a camping option available, but it’s looking to sell out so get in there quickly!

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Event Preview: eat:Festivals – Portishead 2021

Dark Matters at Eat Portishead 2021 - Vegan Brownies

Come and get your vegan brownie fix at the award winning eat:Portishead! We’ll be setting up shop in the Dockside New area of the Marina and slinging all of your favourite fudgy brownies from 10am to 4pm tomorrow – Saturday 14th August.

We’ve got two NEW FLAVOURS for you to get in your gob, and boy are they tasty. Introducing: Hazelnut Praline and Triple Choc Fudge. As always, made with top quality fair trade 70% dark chocolate. Drool away, folks.

Dark Matters at Eat:Portishead

We will, of course, have all the classics, including Salty Dog (salted caramel swirl), Brookie (brownie/cookie hybrid) and New Yorker (peanut butter). All 100% vegan, 100% palm oil free, and 100% delish.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Box – and we’ll give you 50p off your total. That’s good for you and good for the planet. It’s a win, win – you’re welcome, Mother Nature.

Eat:Portishead is totally free to attend and supports 90 local food and drink businesses and producers from the south west. But wait, there’s more!

As well as tonnes of fab foodie stalls, there’s live music and street entertainers, plus lots of great little pubs along the Marina. Top Dark Matters tip: grab yourself a brownie and a pint of local cider and after you’ve had a mooch around the festival, take a lovely little walk along the coast. There might even be a spot of sunshine to bask in… maybe.

This will be our fourth year trading at eat:Portishead! We love this event for many reasons, one in particular is that it’s just 15 minutes as the crow flies from our brownie base. This means it’s super local, and helps us keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Not only that, we get to see, hang out with and support some of the BEST traders in the SW, maybe even the world? Including Boo Cottage Botanicals – Gemma has already got her order in for some totally gorge natural skincare, and she is loving it.

Ginger Beard’s Preserves will also be there – they do an A-MAZ-ING fermented scotch sriracha hot sauce. Seriously, what’s not to love?

So we’ll see you down in the Marina, yesyes?