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Vegan Brownies: Based on the Novel by Stephen King…

Two Dark Matters Vegan Brownies In Front Of Stephen King Books

Happy Halloween, Constant Readers

Looking for something extra eerie this Halloween? Heeeeeeeeeere’s… Dark Matters’ October Special Stephen King Brownie Box!

Pre-order for The Losers Club who wanted to secure their Stephen King Special Edition vegan brownie box sold out mega quick – you guys (Castle) Rock.

So we’re doing a Revival and bringing the box back in a Blaze of brownie glory for those of you Needful Things who were unable to order and left in Misery.

Before we Carrie on any further, here’s The Shining list of treats you can find in your Stephen King Special Edition Box. It ain’t no Bag of Bones

BOX INCLUDES: [with reference points for the uninitiated]

? 2x Brownies:
– ‘Horror is…a Peanut Butter Cup?’ – Choc Chip Brownie with (M-O-O-N that spells) Peanut Butter & Jelly Swirls [The Stand/Cujo/Hearts In Atlantis/Billy Summers (King writes about PB&J a LOT) plus quote from ’99 King interview on Conan O’Brien….yes I am a painful nerd]
– ‘Meteor Sh?t’ – Blueberry Jam and Green Vanilla Cheesecake Swirl, with Cookie Dough Pieces [SK’s Creepshow / King’s Fave Food is Blueberry Cheesecake]

?️ 1x Brookie:
– ‘Your Hair Is Winter Fire’ – Ginger Cookie Base, Autumn Spice Brownie with Ginger Conserve Swirl [IT]

? 5x Brownie Truffle Balls:
– ‘Flying Coke Machine’ – Cola & Caramel [The Tommyknockers]
– ‘Duma Key (Lime)’ – Lime & Tequila [Duma Key]
– ‘Redrum’ – Spiced Rum & Red Berry [The Shining]
– ‘Tom Cullen’s Tom Collins’ – Gin, Triple Sec & Lemon [The Stand]
– (Root Beer) ‘You’ll Float Too’ – Root Beer & Vanilla [IT]

? ‘Autumn In Maine’ Bespoke Ghost Family Flame Wax Melt
An eerie autumnal amble through the Maine Mist; crisp leaves, campfires, saltwater and sea mist…

? 2x Special SK Nerd Extras: Stephen King Inspired Postcard & Bookmark
Lucky dip surprise but includes The Shining, IT, Carrie, Misery and Pet Semetary
If you’d like a personalised message written on the Postcard let us know in the comments box at checkout! ⚰️

Everything is 100% vegan, always!

Click here to order your vegan brownie box: Based on the Novel by Stephen King…

The Dark Tower of October special vegan brownie gift boxes is extremely limited – make sure you order sooner rather than Later so you’re not left in Desperation. We’re taking a Stand: once this batch is sold out, that’s It.

There’s no need to take The Long Walk to our markets – this is an online exclusive. Order from our website day or night. Perfect for Sleeping Beauties and Insomnia sufferers alike.

These indulgent vegan brownies may not make you Thinner, but they will definitely transport you to Joyland.

So let’s play Gemma’s Game (Gerald’s Game? Get it? Getting tenuous, I know…) and get this Stephen King inspired Creepshow on the Road(work)!

Dispatching 26th – 28th October 2021

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