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Vegan Gifts Under £20

Close Up of Vegan Dark Matters Brownies on Wire Rack

Here at Dark Matters, we’ve got something for every taste, appetite and budget. So we’ve put together a list of our top vegan gifts for under £20.

Our top picks for less than £20

Spoil someone (or yourself!) with Dark Matters Classic Baker’s Choice Vegan Brownie Selection Box. We’ve put together a delicious brownie selection box with our decadent dark delights, certain to woo any recipient.
Who doesn’t love a fat bag of choccy buttons? I know we’re all about the dark stuff, but there’s something about tucking into chocolate buttons (vegan obv) that takes us back to being a kid!
A perfect combination of choc orange, marmalade and slivers of delicious candied peel, we think this grown up brownie gives a new dimension to the idea of ‘chocolate orange’. Our vegan Choc Orange brownie is best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a good book while you’re sheltering from the rain.
Our Brookies have been firm fan faves since developing our first vegan and palm oil free recipe back in 2018, and we know why; our trademark 70% dark chocolate brownie pairs perfectly with our homemade sweet and chewy cookie base.
Our take on the French ‘apres ski’ Chocolat Chaud, our instructions will help you make the perfect cup in no time, but can be made exactly to your taste by adjusting the ratio of chocolate to milk.
These sumptuous caramel truffle circles are made from our OG Salted Caramel Brownie, combined with EVEN MORE homemade vegan Salted Caramel and our special vegan Ganache, finally dipped and finished in a coat of crisp tempered Dark Chocolate. One is just not enough… Yes they are that good.

You can shop our entire range of vegan gifts for less than £20 by clicking here. In fact all of our products have the option to choose something under £20. There are different size options for every appetite and budget!

Vegan Gifts Under £10

If you’re looking for something at a slightly lower price point – we’ve got you covered! Check out what we’ve got on offer in our ‘Vegan gifts under £10’ section.

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