Vegan Brownie Reviews

We’ve worked dead hard to make our brownies irresistible and think we’ve done a pretty good job, but don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews! Here’s a snippet of what our ace customers have been saying:

“These brownies are glorious and absolutely HUGE, even managed to put some in the freezer for later! The best brownies I’ve had since going vegan…and as good (if not better) than their non-vegan counterparts.”

“Omigosh these were divine! I enjoy a good vegan brownie and buy them whenever I can, and these are the best I have had. I’m so happy I got to try them though I live far from where they’re made. Even flavours I don’t usually like were amazing – the marshmallow one was like thick gooey chocolate inside, and not too sweet to eat in one sitting. They all had different flavours textures & tastes, but each was so so good.”

Salty Dog brownies have to be the best! I have to get them at every Frome Independent market!”

“The best Brownies, lovely sellers, lovely stall, HUGE portions (but not too big, obviously, that would be, well, impossible.) Always look forward to a Brownie treat when they come to Frome. Xx”

“Personally I have dreams about eating a table full of the caramel and peanut butter brownies ( O.M.G.) …Best best best brownies ever! x”

“These brownies are so good”

“So in love with the chocolate orange brownies I could marry one! These Brownies are the best. No fake or sub-standard ingredients, only the best top notch stuff. Do yourself a favour and try them. Once tried you will NEVER go back.”

“If you have never tasted one of these brownies , u are missing out!! I’ve tried so many but nothing beats this.. They are the best I have EVER tried. Worth every penny.. Thank you so much. Can purchase online also which is great.”

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