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Dark Matters was born in 2013 from my quest for the Perfect Brownie.

As a self-taught baker and chocolatier, as well as a long-time brownie aficionado, I knew that most shop bought brownies or recipes are all cocoa powder and sugar. They very often contain no proper chocolate (bar the odd sad chocolate chip if you’re lucky). This can leave you feeling pretty darn cheated if you’re after a chocolate fix.

Gemma in a striped shirt and 'Dark Matters' perspex necklace holds a plate of vegan brownies
Dark Matters – Vegan Brownies – About Us
  • Our gorgeous gourmet brownies are different, because the first and main ingredient is 70% dark chocolate. We love the dark stuff, and cram so much of it into our secret recipe that our brownies are darker, denser and (we think) much more delicious than your average!

In November 2016, after months of recipe tinkering, we finally made the switch and proudly became a 100% Vegan brownies business, and a dedicated Palm Oil Free Zone in January 2018.

Our brownies have not only improved in quality and flavour, but also in ethics and sustainability, which makes for a happy baker, happy customers and a happy planet!

Our brownies are available to order online for UK delivery, or you can find us at markets up and down the country.

Buy better brownies… visit our Shop for vegan brownie delivery, support our Stockists or say hello at one of our nationwide events  <3

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