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Black Friday? Balls to it!

We aren’t a factory.
We don’t have a huge warehouse full of stock.
We haven’t increased our prices only to ‘discount’ them over this weekend.

In actual fact we bake everything to order and are so limited on capacity that in previous years Black Friday cost us money in lost revenue closer to Christmas.

As a small business we feel a lot of pressure to compete and match what the big boys are doing, which sucks and isn’t a fair reflection of the amazing artisan products we pour our hearts and souls into making. 

BUT, I get it! Stuff is hard right now, and discounts are lush.

But you know what is better than discounted?


Yep! Instead of offering a ‘cheeky discount’ we’re adding a FREE trio of Festive Brownie Balls to every order placed from 23rd – 28th November AND we’ll be donating 5% of your order total to charity (Caring in Bristol)

Just see this as a little token of appreciation for buying from a weeny teeny business like Dark Matters

Gem x?

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