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World Vegan Day: Support your local vegan!

World Vegan Day - 1st November

Just like Christmas has got Boxing Day, Halloween has got its own day-after which, for Dark Matters, goes hand-in-hand with the spookiest day of the year: World Vegan Day!

November 1st is World Vegan Day, and to mark this year’s event we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite vegan companies and products. All tried, tested and approved by head vegan brownie wizard, Gemma.

Check them out, give them a like on social media, maybe place an order if something catches your eye. Support your local vegan! Because, unfortunately, we can’t survive on brownies alone…


Bath Culture House
The best soft cheese and kombucha. Cherry ‘booch and Garlic & Herb Chease are firm favourites. 

Food By Sumear
The best traditionally aged and processed vegan hard cheese. Check out the Maple Wood Smoked – YUM

Kinda Co.
If you want creamy, spreadable cheese you need to check them out. The Faux Lox + Dill Creamy Spread is incredible.


Coco Caravan
Amazing raw bean to bar chocolate. It’s all vegan, organic, fair traded and free from refined sugars and additives. Sweet Orange Caramel bar is a go-to fave.

Jessica’s Vegan Delights & Truffle Pig Vegan
Both of these wonderful companies do amazing vegan dupes of well known chocolate bars. All the taste, all plant based! Jessica’s Coconut Dream and Truffle Pig’s Bizkins Bar are always top of our shopping list.


Iuvo Skincare
Amazing handmade vegan skincare company who make the best face and body cream in the UNIVERSE.

Boo Cottage Botanicals
If you’ve got sensitive skin, this is the face oil for you. Delicate, soothing and smells absolutely divine.


Gemma has formed a Nutcessity jar-a-week habit and buys the Gingerbread Almond nut butter in bulk.


Harper’s Candles
Their tagline is ‘Preferring animals to people since 2012’ and it cracks us up, plus their tin candles have fun names like ‘I Love You But You Smell’.

Dead Head Candles
Vegan, ethical, giant skull candles – what’s not to like?

Ghost Family Flame
This is where the melts from our limited edition brownie boxes came from! Plus half of the company is Joseph Ghost who did our amazing postcard art.


Trash Planet
The only shoes Gemma takes her vegan DMs off for.


Fluffy Jim’s
Named after a guinea pig! They do some amazing mineral eye sh*t, plus great no-packaging shampoo cubes and dry shampoo. Fun fact: Fluffy Jim’s is owned by Swindon based vegan hair salon Pixal-Rose – also named after a guinea pig.


An amazing resource for boozy vegans. A comprehensive product directory for vegan wine, beer and liquor.

Lucky Saint
Delicious vegan alcohol free beer, because hangovers and big batch brownie baking don’t mix!

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