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Vegan Biz Hit List

One of the very best things about running a small business and trading at events is meeting, hanging out with and becoming friends with some amazing folk who also run incredible businesses all across the country (usually making great food. I love food.)
Below are a handful of my absolute fave vegan businesses I think you need to know about!

Got No Beef
The best vegan burger joint in the world, I often have dreams about the vegan shrimp (Cardiff)

Mr Nice Pie
Maker of fine pies and all round nice guys (Events + South Wales based)

Iuvo Skincare
Incredible cruelty free skincare and the nicest family ever. Their rose body butter works wonders on dry and irritated skin.

VE Cosmetics
One woman empire creating magical vegan and cruelty free cosmetics

The Doughnut Pod
Incredible vegan doughnuts (Events + Manchester area)

Alternative Stores
100% vegan superstore, owned and run by a wonderful vegan family

Good Carma Foods
Amazing vegan parmesan alternative, could easily eat with every meal.

Dead Head Candles
Eco, vegan goth skully candle goodness.

I Am Nut Ok
Some of the best vegan cheese on the market. Fight me.

Mighty Brew
Incredible organic kombucha and wonderful family run biz.

Viva La Vegan
Fashion as activism with % of profits to rescue animals.

Metal AF designs by vegan artists for vegan activists with attitude.

As this gets longer I may split it into categories: Food, Beauty, Clothing etc ๐Ÿ™‚
Drop me a line with your favourite vegan businesses for me to check out!

Gem x

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