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Off Menu podcast… Spoiler alert: Kiri Pritchard-McLean likes our brownies!

James Acaster, Kiri Prithcard-Mclean and Ed Gamble on the Off Menu Podcast

We’ve had a bunch of new arrivals after the bloody gorgeous little shout out from Kiri Pritchard-McLean on Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast. POPPADOMS OR BREAD???

Scroll down and have a listen to Kiri’s Off Menu episode, or click here to download the transcript (episode 145).

So anyway, I thought I’d say HIYA and introduce myself to all the newbies ?

I’m Gemma, a Norf Landan native. I’ve run Dark Matters since May 2013 – 10 years next year! We’ve been 100% vegan for the last five years. It all started down by the sea in Dorset. I now run things from a log cabin in Bristol which is the best city in the world. FACT.

You’ll find me slinging Bs at events all over the country. You can also order our brownies for UK delivery here on our website and we’re stocked in a handful of sexy shops and cafes ?

When not baking/packing/trading/washing up/avoiding paperwork I’ll most likely have my nose in some weird book (veganspacecakes on Good Reads ?). I’m a little nature goblin – running, hiking or cold water swimming. You can often find me drinking all the beers and getting kicked in the face in a stinky mosh pit. Current ADHD obsession is with anything esoteric. I spent Easter weekend making a set of Anglo-Saxon runes and reading about Chaos Magic cos I’m a laugh ?

Lush to have you here! Business is reyt tough at the moment so this boost came at exactly the right time (thank u Kiri ??). We had a little unexpected flood of orders so I’ll be working this weekend on getting these baked, packed and out on Monday. Honestly thank you so much for the support and kind words, it means the world ?

LUV YA – Gem x

Listen to the Off Menu podcast – Ep 145: Kiri Pritchard-McLean

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