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Taunton: Come get some! (Vegan brownies)

Vegan Raspberry and Double Choc Cacao Brownies Displayed Next To Pomegranate and Leaves

Taunton: come get some! Eat Festivals is heading to Taunton, and we’re going with them! Saturday 27th November 2021 you’ll find the Dark Matters stall right there in the thick of it, with vegan brownies piled high.

The market takes place on Hammet Street and at St Mary Magdalene Church, and we’ll be there bringing your vegan chocolate brownie fix.

This market kicks off at 10am, and we’ll be loading up the stall with all your fave fudgy brownies. Eat:Taunton officially ends at 4pm, and we’ll be there until then, or until we sell out – whichever comes first.

Gemma bakes and bakes and bakes in preparation, and stacks up as many brownies as possible for every market. However, chocolate brownies are apparently pretty popular (who knew?!) so they do tend to sell out pretty quickly. So make sure you get down early to avoid missing out!

Eco conscious, sustainable brownies

When buying Dark Matters vegan brownies at a market, you can save money AND help save the planet all in one go! Bring your own bag or box (bonus points for random brownie containers) and we’ll knock 50p off your total. 

Even when ordering your brownies online, we’re committed to being as eco friendly as possible. That’s why we use absolutely zero palm oil in everything we do, and there’s no plastic in any of our packaging either.

What makes our brownies so irresistible?

Aww, thanks for asking. We bake our Dark Matters brownies using organic, fair trade, 70% dark chocolate. That’s what makes them so rich and indulgent.

Why use chocolate instead of cocoa powder when making brownies? Read this blog post to find out why dark chocolate is our magic ingredient. 

So make sure you stop by for a bit of chocolate chat if you’re in Taunton for the market and bag yourself a brownie or two.

Shop online

If you’re not around, you can still get your brownie fix by ordering online whenever the mood takes you. You can order our vegan brownies online any day or night and we’ll deliver them straight to your door!

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