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Have yourself a very vegan Christmas: Vegan gift ideas

Pile of Vegan Dark Matters Brownies in Front of Box

Christmas is coming! Have you started thinking about what vegan Christmas presents you can buy for your friends and family? Maybe you’re making a hamper or are looking for plant based presents for a Christmas Eve box. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with our luxury vegan brownies and other chocolatey gifts.


Chocolate brownies are the perfect addition to any Christmas hamper – whether they’re vegan or not!

All of our brownies are made using 70% organic fair trade chocolate, giving them a luxuriously indulgent flavour that everyone will love. We’ve got gluten free options (baked using Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour) so even more people can enjoy these fudgy treats!

We’ve got so many flavours to choose from. Want something fruity? We’ve got it. Looking for something nutty? It’s here! We’ve got traditional flavours, and also something a bit different. Here’s a little selection of our current faves:

Captain Chunk: Mylk Choc Chunk Brownie
Brookie: S’mores or Winter Fire
The Prince: Raspberry Double Choc
Meteors**t: Blueberry Cheesecake Brownie
Oh Canada!: Maple, Hazelnut & Pecan

Truffle Balls

Pimp out a vegan gift box with our vegan chocolate truffle balls – available in Salted Caramel and Raspberry. We make each flavour using our vegan chocolate brownies, then swirling in even more flavour, and coating them with perfectly tempered chocolate for a crisp outer shell.

Baker’s Choice

If you’re still not sure what vegan Christmas gifts to settle on, we know just what to do. Buy your vegan pals a Baker’s Choice gift box. Leave the decision to us, and we’ll pick our current best sellers, box them up and send them out to your friends and family. 

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