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Valentine’s Day Emo Vegan Brownie Box: Miserable At Best…

Dark Matters Anti-Valentines Anti-Matter Valentine's Day Emo Special Box

So Here We Are. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, Everything Sux and you don’t want to buy Roses For The Dead for another year running. Well, You’re Not Alone.

We’ve Had Enough of basic clichés too, so we’ve developed an Emo Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box. It’s Miserable At Best.

Note To Self – send one of these vegan brownie boxes to my Beating Heart Baby.

ANTI-VALENTINES BOX INCLUDES: [with reference links for the uninitiated… but don’t worry, the box is designed to be delicious first and dorky second, so everyone will enjoy it!?]

Brownie Heart Special includes:

?Valentines Exclusive: BLEEDING HEARTS, BABY
Raspberry Double Stack Brownie Heart with ‘bleeding’ Raspberry Jam and Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Centre (GF)
in spite of you, even out of view, still I love all of you, i do, yeah

Delicate Rose Turkish Delight Brownie with Crisp & Chewy Almond Vanilla Cookie Base
wasting the hours now, we’re all suckers for tragedies

?Brownie: I’M NUT OKAY (I PROMISE) – My Caramel Romance
Hazelnut Praline Brownie with Coconut Cream Dulce de Leche Puddles (GF)
remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?

Peony Scented Emo AF Vegan Bath Bomb by the gorgeous Dirty Fresh Cosmetics (thanks Bekkah & Big Joe!)
do or die, you’ll never make me, because the world will never take my heart

?Sticker: EMO FOREVER (lucky dip one of four designs)
Do you too like your parades black and your business miserable? Forever Emo is here for you!

Bespoke Emo Flavoured Print by our best ghoul, Goody <3

?Spotify Playlist
Dedicated Dark Matters Emo Bangerz Playlist to relive your youth and ruin your parties </3 (it’s collaborative so add any we missed!)

I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore so At The Bottom Of Everything you’ll find this emo inspired Dirty Little Secret in our online shop. Stop going In Circles and click here to order yours.

We know sometimes The Past Should Stay Dead, so if you’re not Love Drunk, forget about your Ex’s and Oh’s and order this for the Only One (you).

Dear Maria, Count Me In.

If you’d like a personalised message included let us know on the checkout’s comments box.

? Everything is 100% vegan, always ?

Signing off my Letters To You – Emily x

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