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What makes Dark Matters brownies different?

Dark Matters Vegan Brownie Gift Box

We know ordering online can be tricky – you never know what you’re really going to get until it arrives. We can go on about how chocolatey and moist and squidgy and fudgy and DELICIOUS our brownies are – because they are ?

But you probably want to know what makes Dark Matters brownies different to all the other brownies out there.

So let us fill you in…


Just over five years ago Gemma made the transition from an eggs & milk bakery to a fully vegan bakery that was having none of it.

Dark Matters was picking up speed. As her shopping list was getting bigger, Gemma took it upon herself to do a bit of research. And did not like what she found.

So Gemma developed her own vegan recipes and hasn’t looked back.

We often get asked “Do they taste vegan?” and they honest answer is: they taste chocolatey and moist and squidgy and fudgy and DELICIOUS. And a lot of our repeat customers aren’t vegan, so we take that as a compliment!

Want to delve into our vegan background in a bit more depth? You can read this blog post to find out more.


Dark chocolate is at the heart of everything we do. Specifically, organic 70% fair trade dark chocolate. It is the first and main ingredient in all of our brownies.

Most brownie recipes are heavy in sugar, flour and cocoa powder. So they need wet ingredients to bind them together. Most of the wet ingredients are animal based (eggs and milk) or contain palm oil. That’s a BIG NO THANKS from us.

Dark chocolate helps bind the brownie batter while adding a generous helping of rich, tasty chocolate flavour.

With Gemma’s skilful baking, she’s managed to vary her offerings. So there’s something for everyone – even if milk chocolate is more your thing. Our Purist is the darkest tasting – more like a dark truffle flavour and texture. Whereas the Salted Caramel and Brookies contain extra sweetness from the additions of caramels and cookie dough.


A lot of effort goes into making sure we’re making the most ethical choices we can. That means zero palm oil, zero plastic and zero waste – amongst other things.

I briefly mentioned the palm oil thing above – Dark Matters is proudly palm oil free. That means zero palm oil margarine and zero flavours containing palm oil. Sorry not sorry Oreo fans.

We don’t use any plastic in our packaging – it’s all recyclable and/or biodegradable. We also encourage customers visiting us at markets to bring their own box or bag – you’ll get 50p off your total if you do!

Gemma is a stickler for waste, and is rightly proud to have NEVER binned any excess! Every product and ingredient gets used, sold and eaten.

We bake all of your orders fresh, so you get deliciously fresh brownies AND we don’t have anything sitting around going out of date waiting to be binned. This is also one of the reasons the brownies we sell online are sold in batches of six or 12. So we can make sure everything we bake is going to a good home.


Have you noticed how CHUNKY these brownies are?!

Dark Matters brownies are NOT letterbox friendly. You need to be in to accept this order because they’re not little slithers that will slot through your post box. They are just too big and chunky for that.

You get a whole lot of bang for your buck. We’re pretttty confident that in a size-off against other brownies on the market, Dark Matters will win every time

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